Website Design

So you want a website... why let us help? Well, outside of our charming personalities and wit, we can provide you with the knowledge and capabilities to design and implement anything from a simple brochure site, which educates and encourages people to call you, or an e-commerce site, where products can be purchased online. Our goal is to develop a website that will sell your products and services to your targeted demographic. Of course, you'll play the main role in helping us determine who your prospects are and how to talk to them, but ideally together we will build a site that is attractive, informative that will sell, sell, sell!

Here's the process in which it all works:

Step 1: Request Your Quote

Simply contact us via email or phone (619.621.5350) and let's talk about your business, your goals and what the main function of your website will be. We promise to make it as painless as possible, most likely it will be a pleasant experience for all of us!

Step 2: Sponging

We had to name this something, so why not sponging? We will learn everything we can about your business, what makes you different, who your competitors are, what your current business marketing strategies are, who your targeted audience is, where you generate the majority of your revenue, which areas you want to grow in, where you plan on being in the future and how we're going to get there!

Step 3: Quote & Proposed Timeline

Once we have learned enough about you, your company and goals, we will create a proposal for you that will outline how we will accomplish those goals. We will also create a needs list of items that will give you an idea of what we will need during the construction of your website. In this step of the process we will determine if you need a brochure or dynamic website.

Since we are working as a team, the timeline will be based on our performance together. We can accomplish the goals quicker than a rabbit or leisurely like a turtle, you will set the pace and we will accomodate your needs. Basically this means that we will work as hard and as quickly as you allow. There will be certain pieces of information that you will have to provide, certain feedback that you will have to give but ultimately you will control how quickly your site launches.

Step 4: Creative Design

The creative design is where we set the look and brand to your site layout. We will look at all of your collateral materials, if you have any established, and match the design of the site to your current brand to maintain the consistency you need. We will provide you with different website comps and you'll be able to tell us what you like, don't like or if we've hit the nail on the head!

Step 5: The Build Out

During this phase of the project, the website is built. We will cut up and create the site from the chosen design. You'll be able to view a fully functioning version of the website online, giving you the opportunity to see what the working site will look like and make any and all graphic changes at that point. This is also the time when all of the items on the needs list will need to be turned in. Most of the list will be requests for content on each of your pages. While we will soak up a lot of information about your business, you will always be more aware of what sells your clients... which means that you'll have to provide site copy - or the text that goes on each of your website's pages. Once we have all of that fine writing, it's implemented into the site!

Step 6: Your Review!

This is where you get to see the final site before it's launched on your server. You get the final say in everything... once you've given us the big juicy smile, we launch!

Step 7: Launch

We will need to coordinate with your hosting company (we have a great referral for you if you don't have a host yet) to gain user names and passwords to access your domain and hosting plan. Once we're in, we take all the images and pages from our machine and put it out there for the world to see!

You get to send out emails to your friends, family, vendors and customers letting them know about your new gorgeous site and then you'll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work!

Website Maintenance

Keeping your web site current is important. Branded offers yearly web maintenance contracts or updates at an hourly rate on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs.