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Internet Marketing

• Web Site Design
• Email Marketing Campaign
• Email database management
• Banner Advertisements
• Specialized landing pages, online marketing
• Flash Slideshows

Email (html email) Marketing

Email marketing is the use of email in marketing communications.

It's used to aquire new customers, to communicate with exisiting customers and to convert prospects to customers. Email marketing is very similar to direct mail marketing, except it typically costs a lot less money and is designed to encourage customer loyalty as well as to build customer relationships. Email marketing is also popular becauase it allows you to deliver your marketing message to the people, isntead of relying on the people to come to your website to find the message. Email marketing is proven to be very successful when done right!

Opt-in Permissions Based Email List Building

One of the largest challenges with email marketing, is developing your own opt-in permissions based email list. This list can be generated in your business by communicating with your customers. Let's say you're a restaurant, adding a line to collect email addresses from your customer comment cards is a great way to begin generating emails. Let them know you'd like to send them special offers and information via email, who wouldn't sign up to save money when they visit you again?

If you're a retail store, perhaps asking your customers as they pay for their purchases if they would like to receive coupon and sales information via email would create a wonderful starting database. Adding a link to your website for visitors to sign up to receive information from you via email... all of these are wonderful tools to begin the development of your email marketing list.

Got the list, now what?

We can build and deliver beautiful, colorful and clean html emails to your customers! We use several different email delivery programs, which allow us to review in realtime who has clicked on your email to read it, who has clicked on the links contained in your email to visit your website, who has read your email more than once, who has forwarded your email to their friends and family. Powerful stuff, huh? That's just the tip of the benefits of allowing us to submit and maintain your email communication for your company.

The design of your email marketing will be based on your brand, your colors, your theme (if you have one in mind) and will link to specific areas designated on your website. We'd love to share the power of email marketing with you and encourage you to give us a call today.